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Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule
Prophecy Encounter will broadcast live nightly beginning February 17 at 7:00pm Eastern. Archive broadcasts will be available online for a limited time after the original broadcast. To learn where to watch—at the live venue, online, or on television, click here.

Program Schedule
All times Eastern.

Friday, February 17 — 7:00pm
Signs of the Coming King

Saturday, February 18 — 7:00pm
The Hero of Revelation

Sunday, February 19 — 7:00pm
The Villain of Revelation

Monday, February 20 — 7:00pm
The Law of the Lamb

Tuesday, February 21 — 7:00pm
A Woman Rides a Beast

Wednesday, February 22 — 7:00pm
144,000 & The Seal of God

Thursday, February 23 — 7:00pm
The Woman of Light

Friday, February 24 — 7:00pm
A Prophet in the River

Saturday, February 25 — 11:00am
The Mark of the Beast

Saturday, February 25 — 7:00pm
The Great Judgment Day

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