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Program Schedule

Program Schedule
Prophecy Encounter will broadcast live nightly beginning February 17 at 7:00pm Eastern. Archive broadcasts will be available here [link] for a limited time after the original broadcast. To learn where to watch—at the live venue, online, or on television, click here. [link]

Program Schedule
All times Eastern.

Friday, February 17 — 7:00pm
The Pinnacle of Prophecy
What are the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ? Is Armageddon just around the corner? What can you do to be prepared?

Saturday, February 18 — 7:00pm
The Hero of Revelation
With the world in chaos—devastating natural disasters and terrorism—is there anything that can save us? The Bible holds the key to surviving in these last days!

Sunday, February 19 — 7:00pm
The Villain of Revelation
Why is the world in such bad shape? Terrible crimes and immorality plague our society—but why? Who is responsible for it all?

Monday, February 20 — 7:00pm
The Law of the Lamb

Tuesday, February 21 — 7:00pm
The Woman of Light

Wednesday, February 22 — 7:00pm
A Woman Rides the Beast

Thursday, February 23 — 7:00pm
144,000 and the Seal of God

Friday, February 24 — 7:00pm
A Prophet in the River

Saturday, February 25 — 11:30am
The Mark of the Beast

Saturday, February 25 — 7:00pm
The Great Judgment Day
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